Pregnancy is the most important part in every woman’s life. At the time of pregnancy most of them use to follow a healthy diet to get the vitamins and minerals. Even though following a healthy diet will fulfill your nutrients and for betterment you can take prenatal vitamins. When compared to standard multivitamins prenatal vitamins are good during pregnancy as they contain more folic acid and iron. Also it contains iodine, calcium and other important minerals and vitamins. It helps to nurture your body and supports well on baby’s growth and development.

Period of consuming prenatal vitamins

It is recommended to use prenatal vitamins before, during and after pregnancy to gain essential nutrients. It is best to have the prenatal vitamins throughout the entire period of pregnancy and even after giving birth mainly while feeding breast milk to the baby. In this more vitamins and minerals were present than the content in average multivitamin and especially it is made for women’s needs.

  • Women who are not pregnant or planning for pregnancy can take prenatal vitamin as it supplies extra nutrients that will be useful in health-wise.
  • During pregnancy when the baby continues to grow and they require additional nutrients as it can be gained by taking the prenatal vitamins in regular.
  • Breast milk is the essential feed for babies as all the nutrients they will get from it. So having prenatal even after giving birth is beneficial as it ensures that you are getting the required nutrients in the amount need.
  • Not breastfeeding mothers also can take prenatal vitamins as it helps to build the iron store which has been depleted at the time of delivery.
  • Before stopping the intake of prenatal or switching to standard multivitamin it is necessary to check with the doctor.

Postnatal vitamins are important after giving birth

How Long Take Prenatal Vitamins After Giving Birth

Some of the doctors used to recommend prenatal vitamins after giving birth to the baby yet postnatal were best during breastfeeding. While breastfeeding have to take Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and iron as they are the vital vitamins for mother and baby. Some of these vitamins were not present in the prenatal so it is good to take postnatal vitamins instead of it when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding mothers those were lacking with nutrition can take postnatal vitamins whereas others can prefer either prenatal or postnatal vitamins. While buying postnatal vitamins look for the best postnatal vitamins for breastfeeding which provides these vitamins as it will be helpful for proper immune system functioning, red blood cell production, energy and much more.

Key considerations for buying postnatal vitamins

If you want to buy postnatal vitamins then prefer the postnatal supplements that contain the critical vitamins which is required for mother and newborn. The key nutrients that have to be present in the postnatal vitamin supplement are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B complex vitamins and DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid.

Vitamin C – It helps to heal quicker from the impact of delivery. Also it supports on improving the immune system.

Vitamin D – There will be vitamin D deficiency in new mothers which is common so that causes babies to lack in this. Whereas vitamin D is an essential vitamin as for strong bones also it helps in enhancing the absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Not only that also it improves the immunity and fights back with sickness. In breast milk, there will be a lack in the amount of vitamin D required for growing infant for that need to take the food and supplements which contains it.

B complex vitamins –This assists well with milk production for new mothers. Also the vitamins such as B6 will be helpful on baby’s sleep cycle and B12 improves the new cell growth along with that it supports in brain development of baby as well. So it is good to take the postnatal supplement that includes entire B vitamins.

DHA –It is also present in prenatal supplements as it supports in the brain and eye development of the growing fetus. Even DHA is required after pregnancy because it continue to promote the newborn development also it will be helpful for mothers to fight against the postpartum depression and other problems that were associated with fatty acid deficiency.

Top postnatal supplements good to shop and use

How Long Take Prenatal Vitamins After Giving Birth


New Chapter Perfect

This supplement is highly useful for new mothers to down their problems of post pregnancy as it is developed to address the mood and energy difficulties they face. The formula of this supplement includes vitamin B that helps to fight with postpartum depression and it contains vitamin D3 as well in order to assist lactating woman on absorbing calcium.

Pure Co Pure Mom Breastfeeding Supplement

This supplement helps to stimulate the body for producing more milk which ensures that the growing baby gets required amount of feed with all nutrients as it has been packed with fennel seed, fenugreek and milk thistle.

Actif Organic

It is ideal for nursing mothers as it consists of a combination of 25 and above healthy vitamins and herbs and it can able to increase the lactation 50%. Also it has a calming effect on both mother and baby.

Mother’s Select Plus

It includes 18 mg of niacin which boost up the quantity and quality of the mother’s milk. Along with that it offers complete folic acid needs that required daily as it offers a good support for baby’s brain development and iron present in it were useful for red blood cell production.

Promise Stage Three + DHA

It has been developed according to the updated dietary allowances that were recommended for lactating woman. This supplement consists of many minerals such as folic acid, zinc, biotin and much more which are essential for breastfeeding mother.

MegaFood Baby & Me

Those were experiencing upset tummy after consuming vitamins can prefer this as it contains pureed whole fruit such as oranges and cranberries also it can be anytime of the day and it makes to feel better.

Nordic Naturals Optimal

consumption of this supplement helps to improve functioning of the immune system as it contains rosemary extract that offers potent antioxidants. Vitamin D3 and fish oil in the form of triglyceride were present in it that can be easily absorbed by the body.